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The mission of Northern Expressions Arts Collective is to use the arts to empower kids and families of all cultural and economic backgrounds to use their strengths to serve their community, and to provide opportunities for kids to develop their artistic talent.

Northern Expressions Arts Collective's Programs

In the Park
High energy events that provide a fun, safe environment for children to develop important life skills, discuss health/safety issues, and develop the next generation of community leaders using the fine arts as the primary teaching platform.

In the Park After DarkA program designed for families with kids of all ages to be able to interact with others within the community using the arts as our primary medium to promote positive interactions and self-discovery. Activities may include craft projects, cooking, or special guest presentations.

A literacy program in which we take a children's book or story (or a chapter from a book for older kids) and turn it into an interactive, theatrical experience that will not only instill a love of literature, but will also teach an important character-building lesson.

Improv Fundraiser Logo
A unique type of fundraiser where the time commitment is less than ONE DAY, there is little to no cost in advance, and you laugh through most of the work!

Who We Serve

Northern Expressions Arts Collective serves the kids and families of Lincoln Park and the entire Duluth-Superior area.

Northern Expressions Arts Collective

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Duluth, MN 55801


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