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The aim of any citizen patrol group and its members is to alert the police to anything that may threaten the peace and security of the community. The Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol is a group of volunteers who serve their community as the eyes and ears of the Duluth Police Department in this neighborhood.

Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol's Programs

Visible in their bright green vests made possible through the Duluth CSI program, the members of the Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol, who range in age from 18 to 78, give selflessly of their time and other resources to patrol their neighborhood by foot, bike, and automobile. They are present at nearly all neighborhood functions, including all of the Lincoln Park Cleanups and the Clean Sweep, Boys and Girls Club Block Parties, Revitalization and Citywide Crime Prevention Meetings, National Night Out, the Spirit Valley Day Parade, and many other events. They even provide traffic control when necessary and walk children home from school to prevent bullying. The Patrol has provided a highly effective twice-daily patrol of Lincoln Park School grounds to reduce vandalism and bullying. They have also assisted the Duluth Police Department with citizen education on prevention of vehicle prowls and thefts and helped the Police to solve these crimes.

The aim of the program is to build safer neighborhoods by engaging residents to know their neighbors and to act responsibly on their behalf. Members pass a mandatory criminal background check and have a code of conduct they must observe. The Duluth Police Department has oversight of the organization city-wide and it is the task of the Community Police Officer to liaison with each group.

The Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol members patrol the district in vehicles or as they walk enjoying a stroll with family and making personal contact with their neighbors. Some folks like to ride their bikes. Recently, members living in two of our larger apartment complexes have joined to form a patrol group that concentrates solely on their building and parking lots. The Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol has received honors for service to the community by providing volunteers for a variety of civic events and community service projects.

Who We Serve

The Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol's area of service is between 11th Avenue West and 40th Avenue West, and from the St. Louis River waterfront to the south up the hill all the way to Skyline Parkway to the north. All residents and businesses in this area are covered.

Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol

2012 W. Superior St.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11am-1pm

Pam Kleinschmidt
Duluth Police Department Community Officer Mike Erickson

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