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LISC is dedicated to helping nonprofit community development organizations transform distressed neighborhoods into healthy and sustainable communities – good places to live, work, do business and raise children.

Duluth LISC's Programs

At Home in Duluth Building Sustainable Communities Initiative

The At Home in Duluth initiative is our local LISC Building Sustainable Communities effort. It consists of a coalition of over 25 public and non-profit organizations that collaborate on geographically-focused comprehensive neighborhood revitalization, including affordable housing, neighborhood planning; commercial corridor development; resident engagement; asset and income building; active living; community safety; and workforce and educational initiatives. A 14-member core group of At Home members, facilitated by Duluth LISC, meets monthly to coordinate plan implementation activities and ensure results.

At Home in Duluth has five core program objectives:

  • Expand capital investment in housing and other real estate;
  • Build family income and wealth, including improving residents’ skills and access to living wage jobs;
  • Stimulate local economic activity, including connecting targeted neighborhoods and their residents to the regional economy and beyond;
  • Improve residents’ access to quality education; and
  • Develop healthy environments and lifestyles, including safe streets and recreational amenities, community health clinics, and environmentally-sound design.

  • Affordable Housing Development, Preservation and Advocacy in Greater Duluth

    In addition to its comprehensive work in the At Home neighborhoods, LISC provides operating support to organizations working to promote homeownership, and develop and preserve decent and affordable housing – including supportive housing, for residents of Greater Duluth. LISC also manages a local revolving loan fund, capitalized at $850,000, for housing development and preservation. Through national LISC and its affiliates: National Equity Fund and New Markets Support Corporation, we have access to creative, lower cost loan capital and equity investments which help leverage private investments.

    LISC is a leader in Duluth’s Affordable Housing Coalition and supports the implementation of the County/City Heading Home Plan to End Homelessness. At the statewide level, LISC participates in the Greater Minnesota Interagency Housing Stabilization Committee and on the Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council.

    Our Key Partners

    One of LISC’s goals is to build the capacity of local community development organizations to transform their neighborhoods into healthy and sustainable communities of choice and opportunity. This involves providing technical assistance and leveraging funding to support local At Home partners and those working on affordable housing development and preservation throughout Greater Duluth. Duluth LISC makes grants to support general operating expenses, strategic planning, board and staff training, and internships. LISC also provides technical assistance depending on the specific opportunities and challenges facing each community organization.

    Please note: LISC works primarily with organizations, rather than individuals. Our role is as a nonprofit intermediary--making connections between nonprofits, government, and business to benefit the community.

    Duluth LISC

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