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Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

What is this revitalization plan, anyway?

Lincoln Park Housing
In 2012, under the coordination of Duluth LISC and the At-Home in Duluth Collaborative, an update to the April 2007 Lincoln Park Plan was created. This plan was designed to summarize accomplishments in our neighborhood since the earlier plan was made and outline priorities for the next few years in the At Home Collaborative's five key areas:

  • Investment in housing and other real estate
  • Building family income and wealth
  • Stimulating local economic activity
  • Improving access to quality education
  • Developing healthy environments and lifestyles
Click here to download the Lincoln Park Revitalization Plan as a PDF!

So, how are we doing?

A 2014 update on selections from the Plan in PDF format. Celebrate the successes, take stock of what still needs to be done, and learn more about the organizations working on revitalization here!