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LISC MetroEdge Survey

This document summarizes the results of the MetroEdge market study conducted in 2010.

Key Findings

  • Surplus: Visitors from around the region come into Lincoln Park from outside the neighborhood to shop for goods such as furniture and building supplies. Venues such as the Heritage Sports Center also bring people in from outside. In economic terms, this is called surplus: Lincoln Park has a great supply of these things and can attract business from the rest of Duluth, its whole region, and its visitors.
  • Leakage: Residents go out of Lincoln Park to shop for goods such as groceries, clothes, or general merchandise that are not available in this community. This means that money leaks from this neighborhood and its residents to other areas such as West Duluth, downtown, and the mall area.
  • Assets: Lincoln Park's location is an asset--right on I-35 as you come into the city! This neighborhood is already an important retail destination in certain areas such as furniture and outdoor goods; the survey suggests building on these to increase the economic power of Lincoln Park into the future.

  • This survey, conducted in 2010 by a team from LISC MetroEdge and the University of Minnesota Extension, was sponsored by State Farm Insurance.

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