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CommU-N-Ity Compstat

Community Safety Initiative

COMPSTAT, short for COMPuter STATistics, is a dynamic approach to crime reduction that the Duluth Community Safety Initiative is using in Lincoln Park. By crunching the numbers, the Duluth Police Department can track where and when crime is occurring and assign personnel accordingly. Compstat meetings, held the last Wednesday of every month, are an opportunity for the community and the police to connect to discuss strategies for preventing crime and blight.

Compstat is an initiative of the Duluth Police Department, Duluth LISC, 1Roof Community Housing, and the entire Lincoln Park community--meetings are for everyone interested in a safer, healthier neighborhood!

Please note that the next Community Compstat meeting will be in September--July and August are off. Thanks to everyone who helped make the April-June panels thought-provoking and informative!

CommU-N-Ity Compstat

Establishing Community Partnerships to Combat Crime
In response to conversations at our previous meetings, we have put together this special series of three CommU-N-Ity Compstat meetings dedicated specifically to the many issues surrounding Predatory Offender Re-entry (POR).

Panel guests will include Duluth Police Department Chief Ramsay, other DPD officers, probation officers, St. Louis County Attorneys, the Minnesota Department of Corrections and more.

Where: Lincoln Park Middle School auditorium (3215 W 3rd St)

When: Wednesday, April 30th

Wednesday, May 28th

Wednesday, June 25th

Time: 6:00-7:00 PM


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