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From the waterfront to the waterfalls

Lincoln Park’s waterways define the neighborhood. There’s the St. Louis River with its ore docks and industrial development, giving this neighborhood its sturdy, hard-working flavor–even though since I-35 cut through town, Lincoln Park has become somewhat separate from its waterfront. Nevertheless, the remnants of the iron works and sawmills testify to the river’s importance in our history. And then there’s the park itself, where Miller Creek winds down the hill towards the river, through the residential neighborhoods lined with old houses (65% of Lincoln Park’s housing stock was built before 1940), churches, and small businesses.

Lincoln Park in 1894

Take a tour through time

Wendy Grethen’s 2011 video about the history of Lincoln Park/the West End is a labor of love. At just over 38 minutes, it’s a great way to spend a little time learning about our neighborhood. Watch it on Vimeo!

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