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What is Lincoln Park, anyway?

You’ll get different definitions if you ask different people.

The At Home in Duluth Collaborative has this to say:

The neighborhood is defined by Interstate 35 to the south, Skyline Parkway to the north, 40th Avenue West to the west, and West 15th Avenue to the east.
Neighborhood Revitalization Plan 2012

Aerial Map

Other definitions put the western boundary at the CN ore docks just beyond 33rd Avenue West. This definition has the advantage of linking up to Lincoln Park’s economic and industrial history, as well as a distinctive set of local landmarks.

Plenty of long-term Duluthians, however, recognize this neighborhood as the West End, not Lincoln Park. The latter name developed as a way to distinguish our neighborhood from West Duluth–and to celebrate the prominence of the park in the neighborhood’s landscape.

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