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Creating an Equitable and Sustainable Future

Ecolibrium3's mission is to inspire and lead change in our community toward an equitable and sustainable future. We work toward accomplishing this mission in two ways.

Duluth's Community Energy Future
Ecolibrium3's flagship program has been the Duluth Energy Efficiency Program which has worked with 902 households in the last three years, saving each an average of $689 per year on their energy bills. Ecolibrium3's leadership in energy efficiency is nationally recognized. In the next two years, Ecolibrium3 will be expanding our role by coordinating Duluth's entry into the Georgetown University Energy Prize Competition.

River Neighborhood Revitalization
In 2013, Ecolibrium3 began work as the convening organization in Lincoln Park focusing on neighborhood revitalization and citizen engagement. Our work has included creating an online neighborhood portal-, and creation of the Our Lincoln Park celebration. We are excited to continue connecting residents to planning and projects in the neighborhood. In 2014, our work is expanding to include the development of partnerships with other St. Louis River neighborhoods.