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A neighborhood hero


Did anybody else see this story out of the Twin Cities today? This neighbor’s courage and presence of mind made all the difference, enabling him to bring ten people, including several small children, out of a house fire to safety. Not everyone is called on to be a community hero in such a dramatic way, but how awesome is it to see that there are people who will put themselves in danger in order to make a difference for others?

Fire warnings all over Minnesota today due to a combination of high wind and low humidity. Be careful out there, Lincoln Park!

On a positive note…


Check out these Denfeld students who are taking a stand against bullying and negativity in their school.

Too often anonymity is an excuse for ripping people apart. How would you use it to build community and encourage your neighbors? What would you write? Here are some notes to highlight from Denfeld:

  • “I bet you have nice socks on.” #minnesotacompliments
  • “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.” Words to live by.
  • “Life is short, choose happiness!”
  • “Don’t trade your passion for glory.” (These students weren’t even alive when “Eye of the Tiger” came out…)
  • “Just keep swimming!”
  • “You are loved.”
  • “Be the change!”


Tuesday, Two Ways

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There are two very different community events going on tomorrow evening, but they both have the community’s health in mind. Stop by one on your way to the other if you can!

The first: Fair Food Access and Insure Duluth are partnering up to have an open house for local residents who need a little bit of guidance making it through the health insurance sign-up process. There will be food provided, and Northern Expressions Arts Collective will have creative kids’ activities to keep them busy while you navigate the enrollment process. That’s from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Harrison Community Center, 3002 W. 3rd St.

Then head way down Grand Avenue to the Morgan Park Community Center for the monthly meeting on the Morgan Park Community Club. Why would you go if you’re not a MP resident? Tomorrow’s special guests, Susan Johnson and Catie McCoy from the Environmental Protection Agency District 5,  will be discussing plans for the US Steel site cleanup, which will have an impact on all the riverfront neighborhoods, including Lincoln Park. That starts at 6:30, and the address is 1242 88th Avenue West.

It’s official: we have a trail!


In his speech at the official Cross City Trail opening event today in front of Park State Bank, Mayor Ness noted that the trail will take users from the lakefront to a busy business district to the woods–all different experiences, and all part of what Duluth has to offer. Maybe they won’t be putting West Superior Street on the postcards any time soon, but that doesn’t mean our stretch isn’t worth celebrating.

Ow, my zip code!


Can your zip code really be killing you? According to the latest St. Louis County health report (downloadable here), it’s not such a stretch:

“Projected Life Expectancy in Zip Code 55812 (Duluth) was the highest at 84.65 years. The lowest projected life expectancy was 73.44 years found in Zip Code Zone D, made up of Duluth Zip Codes 55802 and 55806. That is a difference of 11.2 years.”

How do these gaps happen? What can we do to help health in Lincoln Park catch up with Lakeside? Well, here’s a chance to start the discussion.

Moving from Table Talk to Action in collaboration with The Health and Wellness Action Table presents…

My Zip Code Is Killin’ Me!

An original theatrical production written by troupe members and directed by Simona Simkins. My Zip Code Is Killin’ Me! is an interactive theater experience that explores the intersection of health and race issues facing our community. Join us for an evening of empowerment as we move from talk to action in the struggle to end health disparities and build a stronger community. This performance encourages audience participation! There will be two performances

  • Friday, September 5, 7 pm in the lower level of the old Lincoln Park Elementary School, 2424 W. 5th St.
  • Friday, September 12, 7 pm at Harbor City International School, 332 W. Michigan St. downtown.
The mission of The Table is to promote racial equity in our community, provide resources for understanding and action, and facilitate dialogue and partnerships that result in fundamental and systemic changes toward racial justice.
Thanks to the Northland Foundation for their support of this project!


LISC Revitalization Plan updates


Duluth LISC’s At Home Collaborative has put together a list of programs and processes that we can all work on putting into place to help revitalize Lincoln Park. The plan came together in 2012–two years later, what’s the progress been, and where do you want to see more being done? Here are some highlights from the plan, as well as links to the organizations involved in the Collaborative. Use your mouse cursor to hover over any slide to pause the show.




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Seaway Service Providers Fair


Here’s a piece of great news coming out of the Seaway Hotel–an informational fair to connect residents with the services that will help them make their lives healthier and better. This Wednesday, July 30, from 3-5 pm, come down to the Seaway lobby to see which agencies are on the ground in our neighborhood working on issues such as healthcare and employment. Participants include the following:

Come on by and see what is out there! There’s a large core of residents for whom this building is home, and they want it to be safe, clean, and full of potential.


Lincoln Park Walleye Open


Miss the Walleye Open? You can check out the results on the Lincoln Park Business Group’s website here. Congratulations to Melissa for landing the big one!

Lincoln Park Summer Celebration



Check out WDIO’s report from the Lincoln Park Summer Celebration yesterday! It was the sort of June day in Duluth where you can sunburn your face and break out your cozy layers. Things were hopping at the Harrison Community Center. If you attended the event, what was your favorite part?

Spotted on West Superior


It’s a little loud outside Our Lincoln Park HQ right now, but at least it’s for a good cause. We’ll all be seeing more traffic cones and hearing more heavy equipment digging up the street for a little while, because the Lincoln Park phase of the Cross City Trail is underway. This shot is from the afternoon of May 7, on W. Superior between 22nd and 23rd Avenue West. Watch this space for further developments!