April 2015

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Parks and Rec Meeting Tonight!


Interested in the St. Louis River Corridor’s future, especially the prospect of using the revenue from the 1/2 and 1/2 tax? Don’t miss the Duluth Parks Commission annual meeting at the Spirit Mountain Grand Avenue Chalet (8551 Grand Ave.) There will be a chance to explore the various projects that have been proposed at 5:30; programming starts at 6 and includes the yearly Parks progress report. The public is encouraged to attend!

Visit With an Artist–Karen Owsley Nease


Here’s a really intriguing interview with a local artist who has found her home in the northlands: Ennyman’s Territory interview.

Here’s a quotation that really drew us in:

The west end of Duluth is undergoing revitalization and we want our gallery to be a part of that. Duluth is unique in its juxtaposition of industry and culture pushed up against the wilderness. It also has a history of craft, artisan and “maker” cultures…

Anyone part of the West End’s maker revival? Whether we’re talking about contemporary art, homemade ketchup, 3-D printers, or artisanally-sewn bags and packs, Lincoln Park is a neighborhood where things are being crafted, and that’s something to get excited about.

A neighborhood hero


Did anybody else see this story out of the Twin Cities today? This neighbor’s courage and presence of mind made all the difference, enabling him to bring ten people, including several small children, out of a house fire to safety. Not everyone is called on to be a community hero in such a dramatic way, but how awesome is it to see that there are people who will put themselves in danger in order to make a difference for others?

Fire warnings all over Minnesota today due to a combination of high wind and low humidity. Be careful out there, Lincoln Park!